CygNet Industry Solutions for Oil & Gas

CygNet Software provides industry solutions to three distinct industry sectors within the oil and gas supply chain:

1.  Natural Gas Transmission PipelineCygNet for Pipeline
2.  Oil & Gas Exploration and Production CygNet for Production
3.  Natural Gas Local Distribution UtilityCygNet for Distribution

Each of CygNet’s industry solutions combines software products, service methodologies and customer support into a packaged SCADA offering delivering the following benefits:

Decreased implementation time. Our accelerated deployment methodology results in quicker time to value for customers. We pre-test our software and standardize common SCADA configurations to speed successful implementation.

Reduced risk of adoption. Key competitive advantages result from time freed to focus on custom functionality and user satisfaction. Customers become self reliant and end dependence on consultants and support. Risk of business disruption from the project is reduced.

Lower total cost of ownership. Incremental improvements and enhancements to our technology platform keep our industry solutions flexible and adaptable over decades, extending the horizon of today’s SCADA systems.

The Oil & Gas Industry's First Standardized SCADA Solutions

CygNet’s industry solutions feature sector-specific SCADA configurations build on the foundational architecture of CygNet Enterprise Operations Platform. Product and industry expertise gathered over years of similar customer deployments has resulted in standardized functionality out of the box, allowing customers more time to fine tune the system to their specific requirements. By launching a system quickly, implementation teams are free to focus on process efficiencies that differentiate them from competitors and create shareholder value.

A CygNet system can be up in as little as 66 days, adopted in weeks, collecting data from a customer's own network devices and stored using standardized data codes. Eliminate the gamble associated with supposedly “turnkey” SCADA alternatives. CygNet may just be the last SCADA system you will ever need.

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