CygNet for Production™

CygNet for Production™ is a vertical industry solution designed exclusively for gas production and midstream operations. It provides a proven, tested set of functionality specific to well field operations, right out of the box. CygNet for Production enhances operational efficiency and TCO, by reducing system replacement time and the resources required to deploy and enterprise SCADA system. It features standardized E&P operations functionality that speeds successful implementation.

Packaged to be Faster, Cheaper, and Dramatically Lower Risk

CygNet for Production™ is a fully operational SCADA system, developed by the company that is the SCADA market share leader in E&P. As the de facto enterprise standard among gas producers, CygNet Enterprise Operations Platform (EOP) provides the core foundation for CygNet for Production. This solution has been built to adhere to common operations practices and reporting requirements gathered over a hundred customer implementation projects. CygNet for Production comes pre-configured with screens, device protocols, alarm parameters and more – all customers need to do is add their data.

Since E&P systems are generally acquired and deployed on a field-by-field basis, CygNet for Production is a robust, high performance system that’s able to grow with the demands of your enterprise over time. Detailed production information calls attention to underperforming assets, helping to improve the overall productivity of your well field operations. The result is the E&P sector's most advanced and efficient vertical solution for collecting, managing and distributing operational data.

CygNet for Production™ includes all the functionality of CygNet EOP plus:

  • Well Monitoring and Control
  • Measurement Monitoring
    • Missing Data Collection
    • Raw Measurement Reporting
  • Gas Quality Download
    • This is the downloading of gas quality data to field meters
  • Plunger Lift
  • Pump-off Control
  • Compressor Monitoring and Control
  • Tank Monitoring
  • Gas Contract Monitoring of Nominations
  • Operator Notes
  • Alarm and Call-out Management
  • System-wide data playback control
  • High Availability
    • Local
    • Disaster Recovery
  • System Monitoring
    • Backup
    • Failover
    • Server Monitoring
    • Communications Monitoring

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