CygNet for Pipeline™

CygNet for Pipeline™ is a vertical industry solution designed exclusively for pipeline operators. It features standardized gas operations functionality that speeds successful implementation. CygNet for Pipeline enhances operational efficiency by reducing system replacement time. It provides a proven, tested set of functionality specific to the gas pipeline industry.

An Operations Platform Up and Running in Days not Months

CygNet for Pipeline™ is a fully functional SCADA system, based on CygNet Software's years of experience. It’s why CygNet is the choice of North America's third largest gas transportation pipeline, managing over 19,000 miles of pipeline operations. Built on the core foundation of CygNet Enterprise Operations Platform (EOP), CygNet for Pipeline includes all the elements required by pipeline operators - from sector-specific gas pipeline applications to field device connectors. All customers need to do is add their data.

The result is the pipeline sector's most advanced and efficient vertical solution for collecting, managing and distributing operational data.

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The standard screens delivered with CygNet for Pipeline include summary and detailed measurement information on asset performance.

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