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Company Information

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  • About CygNet Software
    This fact sheet summarizes the mission, technology, customers, and competitive differentiation of CygNet's solutions.
  • Company Milestones
    CygNet Software has achieved both industry recognition and technological advances over more than two decades of history.
  • Two Buyer Philosophies
    Compare the profile of a typical CygNet customer with a more traditional approach to enterprise operations. Does your organization embrace change or preserve the status quo?

Product Information

  • CygNet Enterprise Operations Platform (EOP) Product Architecture
    This diagram provides a functional view of how our flagship software product, CygNet EOP, collects, manages and distributes large volumes of essential operations data in real-time from field, production and business systems.
  • CygNet Gas Applications
    CygNet’s suite of natural gas industry applications run natively against CygNet EOP to deliver superior performance over loosely integrated alternatives, lowering cost of ownership and set-up time. The suite includes Gas Measurement Repository, LinePack and Gas Contract Monitor.
  • Real Time Operations with Geographic Information
    CygNet EOP includes the new GIS Control which delivers active integration of geographic information (GIS) with powerful operations management capabilities. CygNet EOP is the first software solution in the Oil & Gas Industry to combine SCADA with GIS data.
  • Value of CygNet to Gas Pipeline Customers
    This piece summarizes the value proposition of CygNet Software for asset optimization, system adaptability, lower TCO, user empowerment, and better decision making across the enterprise.
  • CygNet Design Principles
    The foundation of CygNet's powerful real-time Enterprise Operations Platform is a highly efficient network optimized computing architecture. This architecture is based on five core design principles, all of which focus on maximizing speed, reliability, scale, maintainability, and efficiency. Adherence to these design principles over CygNet's years of development has produced the one of the fastest, most scalable operations platforms in the marketplace today. These design principles are referred to with the acronym ASUNO (pronounced "as-you-know").
  • CygNet Clients
    CygNet Clients provide access to and interaction with the data collected and managed by the CygNet Enterprise Operations Platform.
  • CygNet Collection Engines
    CygNet's native collection engines provide the power, flexibility and configurability required to support the current versions of today's powerful field devices. With the capabilities of these individual devices increasing rapidly, our native collection engines ensure compatibility and functionality that maximizes the value of data extracted from monitoring and measuring devices in the field.
  • CygNet Measurement
    As market and regulatory drivers have pushed for more rapid validation and publishing of measurement data, traditional systems and processes are struggling to meet that business need. To meet the challenge of being responsive in an increasingly dynamic environment of changing market conditions and supply/demand processes, there is clearly a need for timely and accurate measurement data.

Solutions Information

  • CygNet for Pipeline™
    CygNet for Pipeline™ is CygNet Software's first vertical industry solution. Designed exclusively for pipeline operators, it features standardized gas operations functionality that speeds successful implementation.

Services Information

  • CygNet CompleteSM
    CygNet Complete is a customer success model based on rapid product configuration and an intuitive implementation methodology – resulting in the delivery of a quicker time to value and beneficial use of the CygNet Enterprise Operations Platform.
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