The Enterprise Operations Platform for the Oil & Gas Industry

CygNet™ Enterprise Operations Platform is the technology foundation for a complete suite of enterprise software, industry solutions and related services. Its next generation design features a distributed network architecture, virtually unlimited scalability, and high-bandwidth data management capabilities unique to the SCADA market. Discover why nearly 90% of our customers have made CygNet the last SCADA system they’ll ever need.

Collect, Manage, Distribute

CygNet Enterprise Operations Platform (EOP) fully integrates industry applications which collect, manage and distribute large volumes of essential operations data in real-time from field, production and business systems. This information is disseminated effectively across the organization—empowering operational and business users across functional and geographic boundaries, from the field to the front office. Timely information, when instantaneously accessed and shared widely, results in better decision-making that drives increased operational efficiency, market responsiveness, and regulatory compliance.

All too often critical operations data is scattered across the enterprise—siloed in IT and Operations systems - and only vaguely integrated with enterprise business and industry applications. In contrast, CygNet EOP features tight integration to provide both real-time and transactional data delivery to CygNet's own industry applications—such as SCADA—as well as to other best-of-breed applications found in a typical oil & gas organization.

Low Risk, High Return

Leveraging proven reference implementations at more than 100 customers, CygNet Software delivers:

  • The fastest time-to-value
  • The lowest total cost of ownership
  • The lowest risk profile

CygNet EOP is a tested, proven product serving real-time information to both CygNet native clients and best-of-breed business and industry applications. Its advanced, network-centric architecture has been optimized to manage the enormous volumes of information generated by a large, diversified oil & gas operation. CygNet's domain experts have leveraged technology standards and years of focus to provide effective integration with existing IT investments. Our alliances with best-of-breed industry participants, coupled with a full range of professional services and customer support, are why CygNet EOP is rapidly becoming the de-facto standard in the Oil and Gas market.

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