Gas Application Suite

Designed to Optimize Gas Operations

CygNet’s natural gas industry application suite runs natively against the CygNet Enterprise Operations Platform (EOP) and deliver superior performance over loosely integrated alternatives. Tight integration lowers both long-term cost of ownership and configuration time by requiring fewer points of customization while leveraging all the strengths of CygNet EOP.

The CygNet Gas Application Suite is comprised of complementary offerings delivered as either a standalone suite or as part of the CygNet for Pipeline™ industry solution.

  • Gas Measurement Repository (GMR) – an intelligent electronic flow measurement (EFM) data repository that facilitates the collection, management and distribution of gas measurement data.
  • LinePack – a real time calculation engine that computes accurate volume or energy available by segment – compensated for pressure, temperature and composition.
  • Gas Contract Monitor – a monitoring service that manages the “gas day” plan against nominations and actual flow.
  • Energy Load Forecasting – a "self-learning" gas load forecasting system that returns highly accurate predictions of future gas demand and adjusts automatically to changing conditions – reducing variability by preparing pipelines in advance for expected demand.

Recognizing that customers may operate facilities in multiple market segments of the Oil & Gas Industry, CygNet EOP provides the option to add key gas pipeline functionality to the core platform in operational configurations specific to their business. The combination of these enhanced functions comprises one the most complete, lowest cost and accurate gas operations suites available.

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