CygNet Design Principles: ASUNO

We have built CygNet™ Enterprise Operations Platform on five core design principles forming the acronym "ASUNO" (pronounced "as-you-know"). Our next generation computing architecture focuses on maximizing speed, reliability, scale, sustainability and efficiency. Strict adherence to these principles over many years of development directly benefits both technical and business audiences alike.

5 Core Principles Technical Benefit
Active Clients - Passive Services Only user clients can initiate requests to server-side services. Clients decide when information is needed, and what info, to eliminate unnecessary service communications traffic.

Result: Simpler messaging format and simpler error recovery from communications faults.

Sessionless Clients communicate with services without initiating or maintaining a "session". The connection is maintained for request/response, then all resources are released and made available for other users.

Result: Greater user accessibility, faster response times, more efficient bandwidth utilization, and less interruption due to network errors.

Utilize the Client Client desktops utilize their collective PC processing power rather than relying on Servers. Each new user adds more bandwidth to the system, instead of adding burden to central services.

Result: Increased transaction speeds, virtually unlimited scale, and greater communications efficiency.

Network is "Golden" To ensure efficient network utilization, messages are optimized and compressed to send only the data necessary for each operation at the smallest size.

Result: No bandwidth is wasted and performance is greatly enhanced while other critical business applications remain unaffected.

One Request Produces One Response All communications involve a single client request message answered by only a single service response. This exchange is an autonomous operation, quickly and easily repeated as necessary.

Result: The industry's simplest, fastest, and most efficient data exchange through today's devices and media.

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