Applications Run on CygNet EOP

To be truly called “a platform”, a computer system must allow other hardware and software to run against it. CygNet Enterprise Operations Platform has become an Oil & Gas Industry standard that customers use to configure an operational system that is able to employ the applications of their choice.

  • CygNet’s own platform-native applications (e.g. SCADA)
  • Best-of-breed applications from the industry’s leading software vendors
  • A customer’s monitoring and measurement devices of choice

CygNet EOP developed over time as most platforms do – by first specializing in a single client application, SCADA, accessed with proprietary HMIs. As the platform matured, users were allowed to export data to Microsoft Excel, and later to use ActiveX application program interfaces to design and build their own custom HMIs.

Today, CygNet EOP has expanded beyond SCADA to offer a suite of common gas pipeline operational applications. Support for technology standards such as ODBC, SOAP and XML now allow customers to run SQL and Java against data in CygNet EOP. Soon, advanced enterprise integration capabilities will allow customers to define their own business objects and configure custom web services to read/write against data stored in CygNet.

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