CygNet Measurement

CygNet Measurement is the first measurement system designed to work seamlessly in multiple market segments for the processing of gas measurement data. CygNet Measurement efficiently delivers timely, accurate measurement data to the entire enterprise by speeding up repetitive validation and publishing processes. Daily or monthly measures close quicker, sending higher confidence data to production accounting or pipeline commercial systems.

Measurement analysts are often burdened with performing tedious corrective procedures to the same data exceptions with only a narrow understanding of root problems. CygNet Measurement simplifies, informs and automates the analystís job to enable them to resolve more datasets on their own Ė without input or feedback from field technicians or SCADA operators. The application leverages the latest advancements in software architecture and user interfaces to contextualize large amounts of measurement data presented in a multi-monitor environment that boosts staff productivity.† CygNet Measurementís business-centric workflow optimizes and empowers related downsteam business processes such as supply/demand balancing, gas balance/billing, and capacity planning.

Key Features of CygNet Measurement:

  • Scalable for large datasets and multiple concurrent users by using a high performance, distributed architecture
  • Configurable suite of intelligent EFM protocol drivers which natively support many industry-standard field devices
  • Efficient data retrieval over various telecom infrastructures to reduce missing data and network contention
  • Includes a complete set of certified and API 21.1 compliant gas calculations
  • Extensive and flexible validation and estimation rules that can be applied to multiple stations with full date/time effectiveness
  • Best System Data (BSD) publishing that is fully automated and normalized to a given set of conditions and formats to ensure the highest available data quality
  • Advanced software UI prioritizes view of the current major issues and root causes in a context sensitive multi-monitor environment for easy navigation
  • Full integration with SCADA allows fewer points of configuration and maintenance on an evergreen software platform
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