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The CygNet Enterprise Operations Platform supports integration with third-party Oil and Gas software offerings. CygNet EOP seamlessly serves essential real-time operations information to these specialized, best of breed applications. To serve our joint customers, CygNet and our alliance partners are creating a unified information ecosystem – harnessing traditional silos of field, production and business data into a single view for optimal operational performance.

Partner: ABB Total Flow
Application: Plunger Analysis

ABB’s Plunger Analysis application assists operators in tuning wells to provide a measurable return on investment. When combined with CygNet SCADA, ABB’s program analyzes current well conditions and suggests optimal setting. Operators are empowered to help improve well performance without the need to become RTU or plunger lift experts. Wells reach an optimized state more quickly with less tuning time required. One joint customer has estimated that plunger analysis generates 9 times more data every day than electronic flow measurement. To manage this flood of information, ABB’s Plunger Analysis provides features such as push-button data loading, handy troubleshooting screens, and a full range of tabular settings. Field staff and base engineers can benefit from an expert system dedicated to optimizing well production.

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Partner: Progress Software
Application: Sonic MQ and Sonic ESB

Progress Software’s Sonic MQ and Sonic ESB are standards-based enterprise messaging systems that provides industry-leading performance and reliability. They enable highly flexible data transmission and semantic data transformation via web services, J2EE applications, legacy message brokers, and more. Through tight integration with Progress Software’s offerings, data from the CygNet Enterprise Operations Platform can be distributed throughout the enterprise and easily delivered to other business applications. This seamless delivery to the rest of the enterprise enables better decision making, saving you time and money.

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Partner: Vinson Process Controls Co.
Application: Production Manager

The Production Manager Gas Well Optimization program has been accepted by the marketplace as a viable option to customer developed Function Sequence Table plunger lift programs due to its robust features and cost-to-benefit ratio.

CygNet and Vinson’s joint customers report that Production Manager’s tools and features, when integrated with CygNet SCADA, create an environment for well operators to continuously observe and tune their well performance. The ability to remotely monitor these wells using telemetry via CygNet SCADA delivers well optimization benefits via quick access, quick response, data acquisition and analysis. Screens found in Vinson’s configuration software are replicated in CygNet SCADA to provide continuity to the operators, from field access with local computers using Roclink 800 and back to network access using the CygNet Host. Vinson’s Production Manager increases production output by improving overall well performance, delivering operational efficiencies, and reducing downtime and decline curves.

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