Empowering North America's Leading Oil & Gas Companies

CygNet Software currently serves customers in the Exploration & Production and Gas Transmission sectors of the Oil and Gas industry.

CygNet users are found across the entire enterprise from executives to controllers, supervisors to administrators. They span nearly every business function, from the field to the front office. Our solutions are deployed on nearly 10,000 desktops, comprising a wide range of operational managers, business executives, engineers, marketing experts, and financial planners. CygNet ultimately empowers greater self-reliance by putting essential operations data into the hands of more stakeholders, helping the organization weather decades of evolving market requirements.

Senior Executives, Operations or IT
(VP to C-level)

Manage financial & operational risk

Ensure operational health & safety compliance; Meet regulatory demands

Maximize profitability from existing system assets

Reduces risk of ownership with proven, tested software

Ensures compliance with operational safety, reliability & efficiency

Optimizes production from existing assets; Uncovers new revenue streams

Increased Market Responsiveness
Management, Operations
(managers to directors)

Avoid operational system obsolescence; Ensure compliance with applications

Keep SCADA users happy with reliable, efficient, easy to use software

Be prudent with available budget & system resources

Offers an innovative, evergreen Enterprise Operations Platform

Empowers organizational self-reliance across the enterprise

Delivers a flat line Total Cost of Ownership over time

Increased Operational Efficiency
Management, IT
(managers to directors)

Maintain critical network infrastructure

Secure corporate & operational data while improving information flow

Ensure compliance of operational systems with business applications, processes & policies

Offers a stable, sustainable Enterprise Operations Platform that integrates easily

Unifies & distributes volumes of essential data safely throughout the enterprise

Fully compliant with current IT standards & best practices

Increased Sustainability
CygNet Users
(controllers, supervisors, engineers & administrators)

Respond quickly to changing operational demands

Manage alarms reliably & easily

Avoid system maintenance hassles; Maintain performance

Monitors and controls newly uncovered events

Able to easily navigate & proactively address alarms & controls

Delivers relevant technology with predictable performance

Increased Empowerment
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